Cotto Brick Floor Tiles – Hexagon Dimensions

Product Features

Cotto Brick Floor Tiles are offered in a wide range from 15×15 cm to 40×120 cm. EKOS Floor Cladding Bricks are completely natural, there is no additive in them. Salt and lime do not vomit, their life is more than the life of your building. It does not slip when wet and does not fade when dry. It is healthy, when you walk with bare feet, it takes your body electricity and relaxes you. It adds a natural, classic and warm look to your spaces.

In Cotto Brick Floor Tiles series, 6 color options are produced as standard. Our standard colors are Coffee, Pomegranate, Yellow, Cappuccino, White and Gray. If you want to create different visual effects in your projects, suitable colors can be produced for you.

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