Best Exterior Applications

Exterior applications are also known as sheathing. It is one of the processes carried out to maximize the comfort level in buildings.

One of the most influential issues in choosing a home and workplace is the desire of people to be in a peaceful and healthy environment. However, the conditions that change over time require the need to make additional applications in homes and workplaces. Sound pollution and heat loss are the leading factors that trigger this need. These factors lead people to make exterior applications. Exterior cladding (sheathing) service does not only eliminate heat and sound loss.

Exterior applications try to keep the negative effects of snow and rain water at the lowest level. With exterior cladding applications, you can easily solve the problem you may experience indoors.

exterior applications
Best Exterior Applications

How are Facade Applications Made?

The question of how exterior wall applications are made is one of the questions that people who are active in the building sector and who will have exterior cladding are curious about. It does not matter whether the building is old or new in order to apply the exterior. These needs of people who request exterior facade construction are met within the means and budget.

You can contact Clinker Brick to solve the problems you encounter on the exterior of your building and to have a new look. After the discovery by our team, detailed information about the cost of the service we will offer you is given and optional price offers are prepared with different materials.

After making the choice that fits your budget, it’s time for the implementation phase. Your project, which is completed with result-oriented solutions, is delivered as soon as possible. Thanks to the exterior application, you will purchase a service that you can use for years without any problems and is resistant to external factors.

Things to Consider While Making Exterior Application

It is an application that should be done by careful and expert teams while performing the Exterior Application. Getting the desired efficiency from the exterior application depends on the expertise of the application team and the quality of the material. The following are the main points to be considered before applying:

  • The best ambient and surface temperature for exterior application / jacketing should be between +5 degrees and +30 degrees. (Being at temperatures below or above these values does not give very positive results in terms of application performance.)
  • Wooden surfaces, windows and doors should be protected against contamination during application.
  • Before the exterior application, the damaged areas on the building surface should be repaired and general cleaning should be done. After these processes, damp surfaces should be allowed to dry and no application should be made before the surfaces dry.
  • The paint and swollen plasters on the surface of the building must be repaired or removed.
  • Sub-basement profiles should be located above the soil ground. Insulation boards should be completed 30 cm above the soil floor.
  • Curvatures exceeding 2 centimeters on the surface of the building where the application will be made should be determined by the exterior application teams and filled until the surface is smoothed.
  • Exterior application should never be done in windy, rainy, snowy or extremely hot weather. The application should be made when the weather conditions are suitable.
  • Areas such as cables, water drains, rain gutters on the building surface should be prioritized before the exterior application. The required 7-8 cm gap should be prepared for the easy application of thermal insulation boards or clinker bricks.

It is not correct to give an exact date for the delivery of exterior applications. Because the application period varies according to the number of workers working in the project, weather conditions and the size of the building surface on which sheathing is made. During the exterior application, insulation materials must be stored in a serial and dry environment. Necessary measures should be taken to protect insulation materials from climatic conditions.

Cement, adhesive, plaster mortar, reinforcement mesh, dowels and insulation materials must be stored in a place protected from external factors. Working with professional companies such as Clinker Brick will save you both time and budget while having exterior application. The references of the company that will make the application should be examined and it should be investigated whether it is technically sufficient. We also recommend that you work with companies that provide guarantees for exterior application.

Exterior Applications and Clinker Brick

As Clinker Brick, we are assertive about exterior applications and thermal insulation products. One of the reasons for our assertiveness is that we work result-oriented by producing the right solutions for the demands of the institutions and organizations that we are solution partners. The thermal insulation materials we use in exterior applications are products with high-level quality certificates. As the Clinker Brick team, which has proven itself in exterior application and sales of thermal insulation materials, we want to bring quality and comfort to your projects.

What are the exterior applications?

In order to enrich the buildings in terms of visuality and to maximize efficiency in terms of heat, exterior facade application should be made. Exterior cladding and jamb application meet both water and heat insulation needs of buildings. Decorative exterior cladding bricks and jambs give the building an architectural identity.

What are Exterior Cladding Materials?

Decorative Facade Cladding Bricks
Natural Stones
Betopan Panel, Fibercement.
PVC Panels.
American Siding.
Grass Siding
EPS, XPS, Rockwool
Wood, EPS with Stone texture
Composite Panels

Sosyal medya hesaplarımız aracılığı ile bizleri takip edebilir, projelerimiz ile ilgili anlık gelişmeleri takip edebilirsiniz.


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